LumiHeal® Treatment

LumiHeal® Treatment

LumiHeal® offers an innovative, pain free, non-invasive, cost-effective alternative to manage chronic and acute wounds. Despite the many different traditional treatment options available, many patients don’t respond and are subjected to significant discomfort and distress while draining the medical system of global healthcare resources.

The LumiHeal® System utilizes the principles of Fluorescence Biomodulation to manage impaired and damaged skin by delivering fluorescence, at a cellular level, to impact the three (3) critical phases of healing: Inflammation, Proliferation and Remodeling. This active wound care solution delivers high response rates and ignites the onset of wound regression, while providing an excellent safety profile.

LumiHeal® - A wound care solution for better outcomes

The Cutting Edge of Wound Care

LumiHeal® is supported by strong scientific evidence, multiple clinical studies and a CE mark in Europe for a variety of wound types including chronic wounds. LumiHeal’s unique mode of action in which fluorescence is the essential part brings much needed innovation to the wound care space, especially given the ballooning costs of stalled and non-responding wounds. Clinicians are seeking solutions that would allow them to optimally treat hard-to-heal patients reducing the burden on global healthcare systems.

LumiHeal® is a quick and simple procedure enabling both doctors and nurses to treat patients in the hospital, the clinic and the home setting.A thin layer of LAM gel is applied to affected skin after wound debridement and/or cleaning

The LAM topical is illuminated by the LED Activator for 5 minutes per application (topical is not internalized or metabolized)
Following illumination, the LAM topical is removed and the skin is cleansed

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Wound Treatment

Our Treatment


95% of investigators would recommend LumiHeal™ to a colleague, rating it high in effectiveness, safety and ease of use

Response rate

82% of patients responded positively and could be classified as a responder by week three (3), allowing for anticipatory discontinuation of non-responders

Wound regression

A 50% reduction of in wound surface area was observed after only four (4) weeks of treatment and an 80% reduction was observed after ten (10) weeks

Low infection rate

Only 3% of wounds developed an infection during the study period, demonstrating the antibacterial properties of LumiHeal


There were no serious adverse events and three (3) mild adverse events reported during the entirety of the study period