Double Chin Treatment

Chin Augmentation - Double chin treatment

At Aesthetique Skin & Body, we use TGA approved injectable fat dissolving treatments for permanently eliminating submental fullness or a “double chin”. Fat in this area may appear over time and is due to weight gain or simply age.  This effect is difficult to address via traditional diet and exercise. When injected, our fat dissolving treatments destroy targeted fat cells reducing a double chin permanently. This treatment addresses the concentration of fat under the chin without the need for surgical procedures, including liposuction.  Results appear gradually over the treatment regime involving at least two to three treatments over the course of six to nine months. 

What is the downtime of a double chin removal?

This treatment involves little or no downtime, and patients often return to work immediately after treatment. There can be some bruising for up to 2-6 days post treatment, and there is often temporary swelling for up to one week, as the body’s immune response targets destroyed fat cells.

What are the possible side effects of the procedure?

Similar to other injectable treatments, side effects from fat dissolving treatments are generally relatively minor but may include swelling or bruising near the site of injection. In very rare instances, it can cause injury to nerves of the jaw or difficulty swallowing.