*The outcomes shown are only relevant for these patients and do not necessarily reflect the results other patients may experience, as results may vary due to many factors including the individual’s genetics, diet and exercise.


French Lip augmentation is also a procedure performed using hyaluronic acid. Clarification of the contours in the lip area is achieved by injection of hyaluronic acid. In addition, the moisture in the lip area will increase and lip shapes will have a smoother appearance.


Treatments: 1st time ⁠
Before > After: 10days⁠

Outcome goal:⁠
– Proactive approach towards ageing ⁠
– Harnessing individuals unique anatomical features⁠
– Subtle natural result⁠
– Prevention of static wrinkle formation⁠


Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to smooth out forehead lines, creating a more youthful look. When injected into specific facial muscles, it temporarily blocks nerve signals, which relaxes the muscles and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is commonly used to treat forehead lines, crow’s feet (lines around the eyes), and frown lines between the eyebrows.
The effects of anti-wrinkle injections typically last for several months, and subsequent injections are required to maintain the results. It’s important to note that this treatment primarily addresses dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle movements, rather than static wrinkles caused by sagging or loss of volume.



Acne & Rosacea Treatment and skin rejuvenation using Kleresca®⁠

How Kleresca works?⁠
Kleresca® Acne Treatment uses fluorescent light energy (FLE) to stimulate the skin’s own repair mechanisms. The treatment is based on the interaction between a specially designed gel and the Kleresca® Light.Chromophores in the gel convert the blue light from the lamp into fluorescent light energy (FLE) that penetrates the skin and activates its healing responses.

Our light therapy treatment helps immensely with acne and getting you back to looking your best with confidence! ⁠