Cheek contouring

Cheek Lift and Cheek Contouring

We offer cheek lift and cheek contouring at our aesthetic clinic. This is a non-surgical, restorative cosmetic procedure using cheek fillers to help addresses the loss of volume and facial fat in the face. Fillers create a more contoured look for the cheeks and jawline. This procedure is non-invasive and results in no down time for patients.

Why fill the cheeks?

As we age our faces change in many different ways. Loss of volume in our cheeks is a common change. The volume in our faces is formed by the skull and facial fat. As we age, our skull changes and we experience a loss of fat in the face. We use cheek fillers to reverse this type of aging and also correct facial wrinkles caused by the volume loss.

What kind of results can you get from cheek filler?

  • A thinner longer facial appearance
  • A more feminine look
  • Improved cheekbones and jawline
  • Added volume to the cheeks
  • A fuller appearance with fewer facial wrinkles

Cheek filler does not have to be a one-time event. You can undergo progressive cheek lift and cheek contouring treatments to replace lost volume, starting with a specific amount, then gradually adding more volume over several visits to create a more naturally appearing correction.