Lower face lift

Lower face lift: Chin and jawline

A well-defined jaw can create a more youthful, impactful look. In men, a strong jaw gives a confident masculine appearance and for both men and women, definition in the chin and jawline can also improve the neck contours and correct a double chin. Aesthetique Skin & Body offers the option of jawline contouring as well as non-surgical chin augmentation for clients of all ages who want to boost their appearance and add balance to their facial features.

Male vs female jaw

There are differences in technique and shapes to produce a difference in results for male and female clients. While men might want a more chiseled look that can increase masculinity, women might prefer a soft but defined jawline that does not create a “square face”.

A receding chin is another concern that clients often come to us with. This is most caused simply by genetics. Some people are born with their chin sloping backward, a look they want to change.

Aging Jawline

One of the consistent complaints from older clients is that their jawline has begun to sag. As we age, the jawline becomes less defined and our skin becomes looser, causing the sag and loss of definition.  In young people, the jawline forms a gently curved straight line from the tip of the chin up to the ear on either side. It reflects young elastic skin, full fat compartments, with a strong supporting bony foundation below. Unfortunately, all these structures are affected by age.

To understand the role of fillers or fat injections on the jawline, you need to understand the aging process in the lower face.

Aging Jawline